Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Complex: Empowering Women and Children Through Holistic Rehabilitation

The Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Complex (GRWC), a project of the Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation, offers a beacon of hope for women and children seeking comprehensive medical rehabilitation services. We understand the challenges faced by individuals with various conditions and are dedicated to providing compassionate care that fosters healing and empowers them to thrive.

Our Medical Rehabilitation Center: A Sanctuary of Support

GRWC’s Medical Rehabilitation Center provides a nurturing environment where women and children receive individualized care from a team of qualified professionals. We address a wide range of conditions, including:

Neurodevelopmental Disorders: 

Our team offers specialized programs for children with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Down Syndrome, focusing on improving communication, social skills, and daily living activities.

Mental Health Conditions: 

We provide support for women and children struggling with stress, trauma, and anxiety. Our therapists utilize evidence-based techniques to promote emotional well-being and resilience.

Speech and Language Disorders:

Our speech therapists work with individuals of all ages to improve communication skills, whether it be addressing articulation difficulties, fluency disorders, or language delays.

A Tailored Approach to Maximize Potential

We believe in a patient-centered approach. Our rehabilitation programs are designed to meet each individual’s specific needs and goals. Through comprehensive assessments, we create personalized treatment plans that may include:

Physical Therapy:

Our therapists can help improve motor skills, coordination, and sensory processing, particularly beneficial for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapists work to enhance a patient’s ability to perform daily living activities, promoting independence and self-care skills.

Speech Therapy: 

Speech therapists utilize various techniques to improve communication, tailored to address specific speech and language challenges.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): 

This evidence-based therapy helps individuals manage stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns.
Play Therapy: For children, play therapy provides a safe space to express emotions, develop coping mechanisms, and work through challenges.
Encompassing More Than Rehabilitation
At GRWC, we recognize that well-being extends beyond physical recovery. We offer additional support services to promote a holistic approach to healing, including:


Our counselors provide individual and group therapy sessions, offering emotional support and guidance for managing mental health challenges.

Support Groups: 

Connecting with others who share similar experiences fosters a sense of community and provides valuable peer support.

Social Work Services: 

Our social workers help patients navigate access to resources and community support systems, ensuring a well-rounded support network.

Investing in a Brighter Future

The Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Complex empowers women and children to overcome challenges, regain independence, and reach their full potential. If you or someone you know is seeking medical rehabilitation services, contact us today. Let us be your partner on the journey to a brighter future.