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Key Focus Areas

Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation is guided by the principles of Islam in its pursuit of fostering welfare and prosperity within the community. The core values that underpin our efforts in various domains are rooted in Islamic teachings, promoting compassion, justice, and solidarity. Here are the core values in an Islamic perspective for Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation


Compassion and Healing

Emphasizing the Islamic value of compassion, we strive to provide healthcare services that promote physical and mental well-being, ensuring access to quality medical facilities for all, irrespective of their socio-economic background.


Knowledge and Wisdom

In accordance with Islamic teachings, we believe in the pursuit of knowledge as a means to enlightenment. Our commitment to education involves providing accessible and quality learning opportunities 

Community Welfare

Unity and Solidarity

Guided by the Islamic principles of brotherhood and community, we work towards fostering unity, mutual support, and social harmony. Our community welfare initiatives aim to address the needs of the vulnerable and create a cohesive society.


Forgiveness and Redemption

Inspired by the Islamic values of forgiveness and redemption, we seek to rehabilitate and reintegrate individuals who may have faced difficulties in the past. Our programs aim to provide a path towards a purposeful 

About Us

Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation

Serving the Community Since 2008
The Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation is a beacon of hope for countless individuals and families in our community. Established in 2008, our journey began with a humble medical dispensary, driven by a passion to help those in need. Over the years, we have grown and evolved, transforming our dispensary into the renowned Gosha-e-Shifa Hospital in 2012, while expanding our reach to address diverse welfare needs.

Our Mission

Empowering Lives, Alleviating Hardships

Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation is on a mission to empower lives and alleviate hardships, guided by the teachings of Islam. Our programs are designed to holistically address the needs of individuals and communities, ensuring that the transformative power of compassion resonates in every aspect of our work.




Core Islamic Values


We embody the Islamic principle of compassion, offering care and support to every person with warmth, empathy, and kindness.


We adhere to the Islamic value of justice, ensuring fair and equitable access for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Community Service

We are dedicated to "Khidma" – selfless service to the community. We actively engage in community outreach, health, education,

Dignity and Respect

We uphold the dignity of every individual, recognizing the inherent worth and "Izzah" in each person. Our interactions are characterized,

Key Highlight

Our journey is a testament to the power of collective action and unwavering commitment. We are grateful for the support of our donors, volunteers, and community members who help us make a difference in the lives of countless individuals. Join us in creating a brighter future for our community. Donate, volunteer, or simply spread the word about our work. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Why Choose Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation?

Islamic Values

Our programs are deeply rooted in Islamic principles, ensuring that our services are delivered with compassion, justice, and the spirit of brotherhood.

Community Collaboration

We believe in collaborative efforts, engaging with the community to address their unique needs and challenges in alignment with Islamic teachings.

Transparency and Accountability

Upholding the principles of Amanah (trust) and Ihsan (excellence in kindness), we maintain transparency in our operations and are accountable to our donors and beneficiaries.

Sustainable Impact

Our initiatives are designed for sustainable impact, creating lasting positive changes in the lives of those we serve.