Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Complex: Where Passion Takes Shape - Fashion Design School for Girls

The Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Complex (GRWC), a project of the Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation, empowers young women to turn their love for fashion into a tangible skill. Our state-of-the-art fashion design school equips girls with the technical knowledge and creative confidence to transform their dreams into stunning realities.

Unleashing Creativity, One Stitch at a Time

At GRWC’s Fashion Design School, girls embark on an exciting journey filled with practical learning:

Dress Sewing: 

Master the art of garment construction, learning essential sewing techniques and machine operation. Transform fabrics into beautiful dresses, starting with basic designs and progressing towards intricate creations.

Cutting Techniques:

Develop the skills to precisely cut fabric based on patterns, ensuring a perfect fit and professional finish for your garments.

Fashion Styling: 

Explore the world of color palettes, silhouettes, and accessorizing. Learn how to create captivating outfits that showcase your unique style and vision.

Beyond the Basics: Building a Fashionable Future

Our program goes beyond acquiring technical skills. We offer:
Design Fundamentals: 

Build a strong foundation by understanding design principles, color theory, and fashion sketching. Learn to translate your ideas into visually compelling concepts.

Fashion Illustration: 

Hone your artistic skills and utilize various drawing techniques to create impactful fashion illustrations.

Industry Insights: 

Guest lectures and workshops by established designers provide valuable knowledge and real-world perspectives on the fashion industry.

More Than Skills: Building Confidence and Community

GRWC fosters a supportive and encouraging environment where girls can:

Build Confidence: 

Express their creativity freely, explore their unique design aesthetic, and gain the confidence to pursue their fashion aspirations.

Develop Mentorship: 

Connect with experienced fashion professionals who offer guidance and support throughout your learning journey.

Embrace a Sisterhood: 

Collaborate with fellow aspiring designers, build lasting friendships, and inspire each other’s creative spirit.

Investing in the Future of Fashion

The Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Complex empowers young women to become skilled and confident fashion designers. We believe every girl with a passion for fashion deserves the opportunity to transform their ideas into wearable art.

Ready to Stitch Your Dreams into Reality?

Contact us today! Learn more about our Fashion Design School program and how you can embark on a transformative journey in the world of fashion. GRWC provides the foundation you need to turn your passion into a rewarding career.