Key Focus Areas

Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation is guided by the principles of Islam in its pursuit of fostering welfare and prosperity within the community. The core values that underpin our efforts in various domains are rooted in Islamic teachings, promoting compassion, justice, and solidarity. Here are the core values in an Islamic perspective for Gulshan-e-Ravi Welfare Foundation


Knowledge and Wisdom

In accordance with Islamic teachings, we believe in the pursuit of knowledge as a means to enlightenment. Our commitment to education involves providing accessible
and quality learning opportunities to empower individuals and build a knowledgeable and skilled community.


Compassion and Healing

Emphasizing the Islamic value of compassion, we strive to provide healthcare services that promote physical and mental well-being, ensuring access to quality medical facilities for all, irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Community Welfare

Unity and Solidarity

Guided by the Islamic principles of brotherhood and community, we work towards fostering unity, mutual support, and social harmony. Our community welfare initiatives aim to address the needs of the vulnerable and create a cohesive society.


Forgiveness and Redemption

Inspired by the Islamic values of forgiveness and redemption, we seek to rehabilitate and
reintegrate individuals who may have faced difficulties in the past. Our programs aim to provide a path towards a purposeful and constructive life.

Quran Learning & Understanding

Guidance and Reflection

Rooted in the importance of the Quran in Islamic life, we promote Quran learning and understanding. Our programs seek to facilitate a deeper connection with the Quran, fostering spiritual growth, and ethical conduct within the community.

Skill Development & Vocational Education

Dignity through Work

Grounded in the Islamic concept of dignified labor, we focus on skill development and vocational education to empower individuals economically. By enabling people to acquire skills, we aim to enhance their self-sufficiency and contribute to the overall prosperity of the

Food Support & Ration Support

Charity and Generosity

Aligned with the Islamic principles of charity and generosity, we endeavor to provide food support and ration assistance to those in need. This ensures that no one in our
community goes hungry, emphasizing
the responsibility of those who are more
privileged to support those facing